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Meet the New General Manager, Zia Ziaulhaq

Posted at Tue, Jan 25, 2022 3:00 PM

Just six months ago, we were congratulating him on becoming the General Sales Manager (GSM). And now, once again, Eide is promoting from within. So without further ado, meet the new General Manager (GM) of Eide Chrysler Zumbrota, Zia Ziaulhaq!

Zia has been with our Eide family since 2017. He began selling cars at the Bismarck store, and with hard work and dedication, he has grown into the strong and humble leader he is today. Zia is an amazing example of how to live out the Eide values in everyday life.

Zia has been able to work in most positions throughout his career at Eide, working at the Bismarck, Pine City, and Zumbrota stores. He has sold cars, worked in the finance department, was the new car manager and the general sales manager. As he has quickly worked his way to become the GM, he has learned many lessons, and has proven to be a very valuable part of the Eide family.

“Zia has a great work ethic,” says Managing Partner Moneer Nyazi. “Becoming a general manager is always hard work, but Zia is always ready to learn, and learns fast. He always puts in the time it takes to grow, and help the company and the surrounding community however he can.”

Taking on a new role comes with a lot of new responsibilities. But Zia has many strengths that will help him and the dealership to succeed.

Zia is a very hard worker. He knows that his job is to make sure that all of the departments are running smoothly, and is there to provide help and support in order to help achieve set goals. But he is always willing to do what is needed to help the company to grow.

“I always treat everyone the way that I want to be treated, and this has allowed me to gain the trust of my coworkers and customers, and develop strong and meaningful relationships over the years.”

Although no job is without challenges, Zia looks at them as an opportunity to grow. “By taking it one step at a time, I always work hard to embrace it as a learning opportunity, and see how we can come out stronger in the end.”

To Zia, Eide is a unique place to work because of the strong community and caring staff. “There is no lack of support from Eide. They have helped me to grow both personally and professionally, and always want their staff to succeed.”

Zia has stated numerous times how grateful he is for Eide Chrysler. “I want to say thank you to the Eide organization for putting their trust in me. There are many great things in store, and I am excited to be a part of developing this new branch in Zumbrota. It is the start of a bright future for all of us.”

Thank you Zia, for everything you have done for Eide, and for each community you have been a part of. Congratulations on your new promotion, and we look forward to seeing you grow as you continue your new position as General Manager of Eide Chrysler Zumbrota!

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